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College Health Corps: Building a Healthier Minnesota, Part Three

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Art for Social Change at MSU Mankato

By Maria Ortiz

Art can be an important part of civic engagement. It can shape or clarify our understanding, beliefs, and attitudes.  At Mankato State University, professors Mathew Willemsen and Harlan Bloomer ask students in their courses to work on practical projects that could be utilized in local or national campaigns on a variety of issues.

Students design logos or images as well as motion graphic campaigns that utilize their skills as visual communicators to effect change in our society or to portray specific messages (see examples in the slide show below). Here are links to three examples of motion graphic campaigns created by MSU students 1 | 2 | 3.

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There are over 100 design majors and a motivated AIGA student group. If organizations need assistance in developing print collateral material they can contact Professor Willemsen at

College Health Corps: Building a Healthier Minnesota, Part Two

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College Health Corps: Building a Healthier Minnesota

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Coming Monday . . .

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For half a year, Minnesota Campus Compact has been working with its members and community partners to expand healthcare access and increase health literacy in critical Minnesota communities through the College Health Corps program.  So far, the five members of the College Health Corps have recruited over 1,660 volunteers who served over 6,000 hours in order to provide health access and health education to over 3,800 underserved individuals.

Want to know more?

On Monday, we’ll start to take you on a three part visual tour that samples some of the work of the College Health Corps.  Stay tuned to learn more about the great work of College Health Corps and Minnesota Campus Compact.