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What is patriotism?

By Megan Felz, Freshman, University of Minnesota

Republished from the DemocracyU blog

In our ever-changing society, we are constantly faced with the challenge of evolving and adapting to what the world and its situations demand from us.  Along with that, I believe it is important to constantly challenge what we thought we previously knew and develop our beliefs in addition. I was given the ability to do just that when I attended a debate at Trinity Church. Trinity church, a recent addition to the Cedar-Riverside intersection, is located at what was once St. Martin’s Table, a restaurant where 85% percent of their profits were donated to charity. Though St. Martin’s Table is no longer in business, Trinity church does an excellent job at keeping its spirit and values of community alive.

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William Mitchell Students and a Bill to Protect Vulnerable Adults

A group of William Mitchell law students, faculty members and the Center for Elder Justice & Policy have been working to change Minnesota’s law to better protect vulnerable adults.  See what a difference they’ve made!

Hear from some of the fantastic students at the 2012 Student Civic Leadership Summit!