Five Questions for: Alex Potter

Alex Potter is a graduate of Bethel University and is passionate about documenting people and places in transition. After graduating with a nursing degree, Alex decided to pursue her real passion: photojournalism. She recently spent three months in Yemen around the presidential election and hopes to return in August. Alex is a 2012 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar & will move to Lebanon in September.  See some of her work here.

1)      What about your college experience influenced where you are today?
Though I’m pursuing photojournalism, I have a degree in nursing. I still care about health, and that has informed many of the stories I want to tell. The solid foundation of faith, friends, and mentors who pushed me have left their mark.

2)      What is the most exciting thing that you do in your job?
Photojournalism is always an interesting journey – I love meeting new people, hearing their triumphs and struggles. This is applicable whether I’m in Minneapolis or somewhere like Yemen.  It’s always exciting not only hearing but experiencing life it many different places.

3)      What book should everybody read, and why?

Far too many to choose from – but I love  A Fine Balance.

4)      Who or what is inspiring your work these days?
I am inspired both by individuals and specific bodies of work. I have always loved the work of Alex Webb, Jonas Bendiksen, and Lynsey Addario. However, it is inspiring to see photographers from my generation covering stories of global importance with a fresh photographic voice like Kitra Cahana, Ed Ou, Dominic Nahr  – among others.

5)      What are you passionate about?
Connecting with people, learning languages, and using photography not only for information and a profession, but as a tool of advocacy.


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