William Mitchell Students and a Bill to Protect Vulnerable Adults

A group of William Mitchell law students, faculty members and the Center for Elder Justice & Policy have been working to change Minnesota’s law to better protect vulnerable adults.  See what a difference they’ve made!


One response to “William Mitchell Students and a Bill to Protect Vulnerable Adults

  1. Abuse of vulnerable adults, especially those who can’t talk, presents as the caregiver knowing what to do for a patient and being too lazy to do it, and by not doing it, you put the vulnerable patient at risk. Sometimes that can be in form of not offering patient water and by such, increasing their aberrant behaviors as they become more and more frustrated while they sit dehydrated and in discomfort. Or it could be not offering patient comfort during times of distress, and instead shoving them back on bed. And of course there is worse, as in what we find in the videos of two scumbags caught on tape abusing autistic adult who can’t defend himself nor speak up to tell others he was secretly being abused.




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