Five Questions for: Patrice Bailey

Mr. Patrice Bailey is the new Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Service-Learning at Bethel University.  In that role, he coordinates the Frogtown Summit-University Partnership, “connecting the needs of the community and the services and talents of the students to the Frogtown community, building relationships that will serve both Bethel University and its students and faculty.”  Previously he taught Global Citizenship, a service-learning first course for all students, at Minnesota School of Business in Richfield.  Originally from Harlem, New York, he holds a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Education from Iowa State University.
What drew you to this work?
What drew me to service-learning was to speak to students about becoming global citizens in their local communities and to be a part of seeing students, faculty and staff go deeper than ever before in their vocation.
How did your own college experience shape where you are today?
I went to Prairie View A&M University in Texas, an HBCU (Historically Black College or University). My time there was very eye-opening in which I was able to understand more about myself but also understand my place in the major I was studying and really being open to understand difference in a whole new light.
Who or what has been inspiring you recently?
Great question, I would say Randy Pausch has inspired me greatly from the Last Lecture.
What question do you wrestle with most?
Why are some faculty still on edge or the fence about service-learning in a social networking world?
What book (or movie or music) would you recommend everyone read (or see or hear), and why?
As for a book, I would say The Last Lecture and Family by J. California Cooper, and movie I would say Courageous.

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