Vote for University of Minnesota Student in White House Contest

Matt Norris, at student at the University of Minnesota, is a finalist for the White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge. Matt is a co-founder of The A-List.

The A-list’s mission is to provide a cool yet safe environment for teens to hang out and develop themselves personally and professionally in a youth-led environment.  It’s based on a new and revolutionary model of youth engagement.

They provide employment opportunities for youth through their snack and apparel business units.  Guided by their Employee Development Curriculum, as youth are promoted through our various teen employee positions, they build eight key employment skills identified by the Carlson School of Management.

The organization runs after school programs that promote education and employment.  These programs include daily tutoring sessions, courses to help youth explore post-secondary opportunities, lessons on how to apply successfully for jobs, and opportunities to interact with business mentors. They also host evening events for teens to build and showcase their talents such as dances, battle of the bands, open mic nights, and hip hop classes.

The deadline to cast your vote is Saturday, March 3rd. Read more and vote here.

Good luck Matt!


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