Ridgewater College and Habitat for Humanity: two student perspectives

My name is Troy Anderson and I am enrolled in the electricians program here at Ridgewater College of Willmar MN.  This program has been one of the best educational experiences I have had as a student.  It has given me the tools to jump into the field and feel confident about what I am doing.  Lee Floren and Keith Olson’s teaching styles complement the program bringing many years of experience in different areas of the field and applying them to their teachings.

The hands on class rooms allow you to get a feel for actual job situations and applications.  Knowing the components and process for installation is key to success in this field.  Working with the Habitat for humanity program in Willmar has been a great experience.  It has given me a chance to work directly on a new construction project from start to finish.  Learning the processes for installation, inspection and finishing work.  The people have been great to work with and know that what we have done is going to a worthy family.
The Electricians program here at Ridgewater College will give you want you need to succeed.


My name is Kyle Hoffman and I am currently a second year electrician student at Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota. During my years of schooling at Ridgewater, Habitat has built two houses and asked our electrician program if we would be interested in wiring up those houses.  Right from the start I knew that it was a great idea and that it would give all of us students a place to dig in and learn how construction projects work and the different people you have to work with during those projects.  After finishing the first house I realized how great of an opportunity it was working with Habitat for Humanity and helping out a local family in need.

While working on the Habitat house I was able to practice my skills of the trade and learn what to do and what not to do in different situations.  I think it was a great learning opportunity for the whole class and there were quite a few lessons that I normally wouldn’t have received in traditional schooling.  I believe that Habitat for Humanity is a great organization to be a part of and is very rewarding in the aspect of giving back to your community.

Some of the electrician program’s work at the Habitat for Humanity house:


One response to “Ridgewater College and Habitat for Humanity: two student perspectives

  1. A heartfelt thank you to Ridgewater College for agreeing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of West Central MN to build homes so families in need have the opportunity to purchase simple, decent, affordable homes. It is and has been a great experience for all involved–Habitat staff, Habitat partner families, volunteers, students, and instructors. The students and Jake, Keith, and Leland have been great! Thanks!

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