Student Profile: Evan Lowder, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Jackson Fellow

Evan Lowder

I am interning at the Ramsey County Mental Health Court, a specialty court that is designed to reduce recidivism for offenders whose criminal acts are attributable to mental illness by connecting them to a myriad of treatment and support services in the community. Through my internship, I have had the opportunity to visit many other specialty courts, learn about various professions within the criminal justice system, and work to improve the existing day-to-day operations of the Court. Most importantly, the Jackson Fellowship has allowed me to pursue an internship that I am passionate about in the field of public service. This experience has opened my eyes to the many challenges facing the criminal justice system and the need for dedicated individuals who will push for legal reform. Because of the Jackson Fellows program, I am more certain about my desire to both attend graduate school in the area of law and psychology and, ultimately, become an agent of change for the criminal justice system.

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