Student Profile: Colin Frederick, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University, Jackson Fellow

Colin Frederick

The College of Saint Benedict Jackson Fellowship provides CSB/SJU students the opportunity to participate in a year-long fellowship related to civic leadership and engagement in addition to receiving training in intensive leadership and career development. Through this fellowship I am working with The Advocates for Human Rights, a human rights organization which actively works to strengthen accountability mechanisms, raise awareness, and foster tolerance on human rights issues. At the Advocates I am writing country-specific reports focusing on international law, transnational criminal law and humanitarian law as well as UN advocacy efforts on peace building.

Throughout my undergraduate career, I have developed a passion for human security and believe that human rights is a principal bedrock of stability and effective crisis management, Therefore the opportunity to acquire first-hand experience in this field will allow me to assist in addressing and confronting issues affecting human rights as well as placing a greater emphasis on promoting the respect for human dignity. In the near future I plan to earn a Juris Doctorate with a joint Master of Arts in the field of international affairs. The fellowship has provided me with training in grant writing, public speaking and marketing, which are all essential components towards the success and efficiency in the fields of law and diplomacy. While, I have heard that it is important to focus on a specific goal, the Jackson Fellowship has allowed me to identify that in any career path, it is also imperative to be multitalented and to have familiarity with a myriad of skill sets and experiences. This will allow an individual to be versatile both professionally and personally.

Click here for more information on the Jackson Fellows.


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