Project for Pride in Living: Saint Catherine University’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

Peter Elwell and Joan Bennett, Project for Pride in Living

Project for Pride in Living’s mission is to “work with lower-income individuals and families to achieve greater self-sufficiency through housing, employment training, support services, and education.”  Joan Bennett, Youth Partnerships and Volunteer Coordinator, and Peter Elwell, Service Coordinator, are both deeply committed to the mission of PPL.  They both are natural relationship builders and have been strategic about partnering with higher education institutions to realize and mission and broaden their work with St. Paul PPL residents.


For the last few years, PPL has been a reliable and valuable community partner for St. Kate’s. Community Work and Learning has utilized PPL as a site for countless number of classes with a community work and learning component. Joan and Peter have encouraged college student participation and have worked with students/groups in one time experiences as well as ongoing participation. Along the way they have offered strong support and mentorship. In 2009, PPL was added as an America Reads tutoring site. America Reads tutors focus on literacy and homework while mentoring youth; these experiences are invaluable not only for PPL and its families, but also for St. Kate’s students to engage in a meaningful way in the community.


Joan and Peter’s creativity, energy, and wisdom enable our social justice work together to impact all participants-staff, youth, parents, college students, faculty-in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible.


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