St. Dominic School: St. Olaf College’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

St. Dominic School

St. Dominic School, a Catholic preschool through 8th grade program, offers a quality education that commits to educating each child as a whole and a dedication to service and community. Over the past several years, the school has partnered with St. Olaf students on a variety of academic civic engagement projects to infuse environmental sustainability and nutrition into its curriculum and operations.

During the 2009-10 academic year a group of students from a course titled Ideals to Action worked with administrators to develop a plan for “greening” the school.  Students in the Environmental Studies seminar and a first-year writing course developed and facilitated curriculum related to environmental issues and sustainable agriculture.

The school is currently serving as a core partner on the Food and Nutrition Service-learning Collaborative grant project. In Fall 2010 a student from Ideals to Action worked with the school to develop plans for a school garden. Students in a course on community agriculture are continuing with the garden project and are developing and presenting food-related curriculum to students in fifth grade.

Teachers and administrators provide opportunities for students to apply their skills in service of community and environmental goals. Along the way they provide mentorship that helps to form the next generation of engaged citizens and leaders.


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