Rochester Area Family YMCA: University of Minnesota, Rochester’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

UMR has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Rochester Area Family Y which includes discounted memberships for all students enrolled at least half time, paid for through their UMR Student Services Fee. The Y also provides intramural sports and other events and activities at the Y for UMR students. These memberships provide revenue for the Y and recreation and fitness opportunities for UMR students. The Y also has work-study positions, allowing them to hire UMR students for a fraction of the normal cost and giving students the opportunity to earn a portion of their financial aid package through a job at the Y. The Y has been an enthusiastic partner in this endeavor, providing staff to promote these opportunities to prospective and new students at Visit Days and Orientation. UMR students consistently report that they value their Y membership; we hope this will also translate into support for the YMCA of the USA as our students graduate and find themselves in new communities. Those who remain in Rochester will hopefully develop a long-lasting relationship with the Rochester Area Family Y through this introduction as students.


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