Nick Kang: St. Olaf College’s Presidents’ Student Leadership Award Recipient

Nick Kang

Over the past three years, Nick Kang has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to civic responsibility through his work with a youth development program, an international foundation, a Northfield care center and multiple student organizations.
Two years ago he developed and facilitated Smart Step Youth Initiative, a comprehensive community service and leadership development for youth in Merrit, British Columbia. Last summer he again facilitated the program in Merrit, while also advising other people who implemented Smart Step in other communities. This upcoming summer Nick will utilize a Davis Project for Peace Grant to further enhance the program by promoting political engagement and by integrating First Nation youth.
Nick has integrated social change work into his academic study through the creation of his own major, Social Innovation and Community Development. As part of his participation in a course titled Ideals to Action, he partnered with Three Links Care Center to develop a program that enables elementary school kids to read to day center participants. He has also completed internships with the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London and the Sarswati Peace School in Nepal. In addition, he has helped to foster social activism on campus through leadership with various student organizations, including OASIS (Oles Advancing Social Innovation and Sustainability).


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