Frozen River Film Festival: Winona State University’s Community Partner Award Recipient

The Frozen River Film Festival (FRFF) began its partnership with WSU in 2006. Starting with the use of WSU’s facilities for showing the films that first year, the partnership has expanded each year to provide a myriad of opportunities for student interns, faculty commitments, and media collaboration. Student interns have been able to learn about all aspects of organizing a film festival, from choosing the films to collecting the tickets at the door. Numerous faculty members have been able to incorporate films into their class discussions; many have designed service-learning components into their classes. One class designed a full publicity campaign for the festival, including a “frozen flash mob” you-tube video. Student-produced films have also been included in the festival.

Starting with “Our Drinking Fountains, Our Water” in 2008, FRFF has been a key partner for our University Themes each year. They now work with us to incorporate the theme into film and presentation choices, and in shaping ways the festival can enhance the theme.

The festival itself has become a wonderful event for Winona each January. Our partnership with them has provided a great venue for student-learning and a great vehicle for WSU to contribute to our community.


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