Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School: Metropolitan State University’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

Metropolitan State University’s partnership with Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary started in 1992 with the development of a literacy program that provided university students with academic opportunities to connect with K-6 students while serving the literacy needs of the children.  Since that time, collaborative work through Metro’s Center for Community-Based Learning has evolved into a substantial multi-faceted partnership that connects school teachers, staff and children with staff, faculty and students in departments across the university to provide ongoing literacy tutoring, environmental education, library-related workshops and field trips, college exploration, multicultural programming, Urban Teacher student placements and most recently Gordon Parks Youth Outreach in collaboration with the Gallery and Media Fine Arts departments.  In addition to the ongoing programs, the school and university connect on additional projects and events that serve our K-adult students and their families, such as educational films, continuing education workshops and event. We believe these shared programs, events and day to day work have provided the school and university students with needed academic and enrichment opportunities, and furthermore, lead to strengthening many other partnerships like the Dayton’s Bluff Branch of the St. Paul Public Library.


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