Minnesota AIDS Project: Macalester College’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

The Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP) works to educate, provide services, advocate for change through public policy and engage volunteers. Macalester has worked with closely with MAP through the Leaders In Service, Bonner Community Scholars, and Off-campus Student Employment programs for the past three years.

The work of Darin Rowles, Manager of AIDSLine and Case Management Services, has been instrumental in solidifying the Macalester/MAP partnership. He has served as the Bonner supervisor and has a strong understanding of how to work with students and is willing to mentor and coach students. Through his leadership the vision for creating a deeper and multifaceted partnership between MAP and Macalester is being realized. Next year MAP will host two Bonner students and will also have an off-campus student employee joining the organization in the fall.   Based on our relationship with MAP and having a Bonner student deeply involved in the organization, our Health and Wellness student organizer, a participant in both Bonner and Leaders in Service, worked with MAP to bring to campus a two-day Red Cross HIV/AIDS training workshop. The workshop was attended by 13 Macalester students and there are plans for hosting another workshop in the fall of 2011.


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