World Without Genocide: William Mitchell College of Law’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

World Without Genocide

World Without Genocide (World), a human rights organization, has had a significant impact on William Mitchell College of Law.  In the past year, World has provided internships for a dozen students who have researched human rights issues, organized educational symposia on genocides and other mass atrocities, prepared materials for bills introduced in the Minnesota legislature, and assisted with statewide programs.  World offered 19 co-curricular programs on genocides and other mass atrocities, engaging hundreds of students.  World established a student chapter at Mitchell that influenced campus life through strong student involvement, outreach to local refugee communities, and programs for the general community.  The executive director of World taught a class on genocide prevention at Mitchell this spring, integrating the students into World’s activities through course-based service-learning.  World’s series of public events, including an art exhibit, conferences, workshops, book clubs, and films, brought several thousand new visitors to campus, featured expert Mitchell faculty, and highlighted Mitchell as a leading local institution in human rights. Mitchell will maintain these connections to World next year and expand with additional internships and a co-sponsored major symposium.  Mitchell’s students and community are increasing their support of human rights through this partnership.


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