Caitlin Stene: Winona State University’s Presidents’ Student Leadership Award Recipient

Caitlin Stene

Caitlin Stene’s commitment to civic responsibility and leadership is exceptional. As past president of the WSU Student Senate and the current president of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honor society of political science, she has initiated and followed a diverse number of community building activities, which reflects her commitment to educating for social and personal responsibility, taking seriously the perspective of others, and promoting the civic mission of the university.

Caitlin initiated the Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship for MNSCU students. Through her leadership, the JPS Outstanding Paper in Political Science is awarded each year from funds granted by the national chapter grants of Pi Sigma Alpha, Washington, D. C.

She has also served as Vice-Chair of MSUSA, has received the Tim Penny Fellowship award, has been a leader in the voter education and outreach in the MN Secretary of State’s office, and was a leading member of the American Democracy Project’s Civic Agency Initiative this year. Caitlin has advocated beyond expectations for her peers to empower and engage them in the civic process.


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