Patrick Wirkus: Globe University’s Presidents’ Student Leadership Award Recipient

Patrick Wirkus

When the word ambition comes to mind, we at Globe University – Woodbury campus think of business management student Patrick Wirkus. Along with serving as a chapter president and vice president of finance in our collegiate DECA program he has lead several successful volunteer initiatives while fostering positive relationships within the Woodbury community.  Both dedication and persistence is illustrated through Patrick’s education.

Prior to coming to our campus, Patrick faced many medical problems which landed him in the hospital. These very obstacles are what motivated Patrick to make a change his life and enroll in school. Today, he is a leader on our campus and inspires many other students and staff on our campus.

Patrick was chosen to represent our campus at the MCCA Hill Day on February 15, 2011. At this event he traveled to the capitol spoke one-on-one with Senator Scott Dibble. At this Meeting Patrick was able to tell Senator Dibble his story and tell him about the opportunities Globe University provided him with. Patrick also wrote a letter to the other senator in Woodbury’s region to tell his story, Senator Ted Lillie and had it delivered personally.


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