Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council: Macalester College’s Presidents’ Student Leadership Award Recipient

The Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council was conceived five years ago as a body that would advise and support Macalester’s Institute for Global Citizenship.  Student members from the beginning have always wanted to go beyond these expectations.  Along with supporting the original interest to maximize representation of diverse student communities and developing programs to connect students to the life of the IGC, members of the IGCSC have aspired 1) to govern themselves as a democratic and non-hierarchical group, 2) to ensure student empowerment, representation, and advocacy for student interests, 3) to be mature, constructive, and effective partners when collaborating with administration and faculty, and 4) to inspire peers to lead the institution in changing and improving the world.
The IGCSC has implemented two events that significantly elevated the impact of their work.  First, IGCSC members created a “Soup and Scholarship” program that stimulated students to present research that promotes global citizenship. They also created “Live It:  The IGCSC Fund,”  which invited students to apply for grants that offered applicants a meaningful opportunity to define and live global citizenship.


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