Rochester Area Math/Science Partnership: Rochester Technical and Community College’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

Rochester Area Math/Science Partnership

The Rochester Area Math/Science Partnership (RAMSP) includes 13 K-12 partner schools, 3 higher education providers, the Rochester Workforce Development Center as well as IBM and Mayo Clinic.  This innovative business/education partnership provides support and services to over 31,000 students and 1900 teachers in an area covering 2800 square miles in southeastern Minnesota. The RAMSP partnership supports inquiry learning, high student academic performance and the use of quality improvement tools to document results.

Members meet monthly to share common data to document improvements in student performance in math and science.  These programs provide opportunities for networking and sharing best practices.  The partnership hosts programs on state standards, quality improvement and teacher recruitment.  Workshops, forums, webinars and projects are made available to the teachers affiliated with partner schools.  The Zebrafish, Stem Village and Mayo Summer Internship programs provide unique opportunities for students/teachers to apply learning to the workplace.  The partnership also hosts an annual Outstanding Educator Award ceremony to recognize outstanding math and/or science teachers.

The RAMPS Partnership enhances the quality of life in the community in meaningful and measurable ways.  RAMSP represents a sustained, reciprocal partnership of education and business, thus enriching educational as well as community outcomes.


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