Sexual Offense Services: Hamline University’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

Emily Huemann, SOS

Emily Huemann, SOS

 Sexual Offense Services, SOS, has worked with Hamline for fifteen years, primarily connected through Professor Carolyn Levy.  The mission of SOS is “No one deserves to be sexually assaulted. SOS works to improve community response to the problem of sexual violence and to create a society that is violence free.”  This mission is made real in many SOS programs including a 24 hour hotline for counseling, advocacy, information, and referrals; as well as in extensive community education programs.

SOS has partnered with Professor Levy’s first year seminar and her Women’s Studies class, “Living in a Rape Culture: What are we going to do about it?”  A student says, “ SOS opened my eyes to activities that occur on a daily basis that are in fact sexual assault.”  Many stay involved with SOS after graduation and comment, ”I cannot begin to express my gratitude to SOS  The women who work there are inspiring in their kindness, empathy, and knowledge.”

SOS provides resources each year for Hamline’s orientation program on sexual assault.  Last year SOS partnered with Hamline’s Sexual Presentation Awareness Week for a Walk to End Sexual Violence. Lastly, but not least, SOS has assisted Hamline staff in developing training and judicial policy related to sexual assault.

Want to hear from SOS and other community partners?  Sign up to attend MN Campus Compact’s Annual Summit!


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