Birthday Buddies: Globe University’s Presidents’ Community Partner Award Recipient

Nancy Donahue, President and Founder of Birthday Buddies

Birthday Buddies is a non-profit organization that creates birthday party packages for children in need.  They have been a community partner with our Brooklyn Center campus ever since January 2010.  Nancy Donahue, President and Founder, makes a commitment each and every quarter to come to our campus at least twice to meet with our students.  She takes time out of her busy work schedule to come in and introduce the concept of Birthday Buddies, which gets students incredibly excited help her with this cause.  She also comes back the last day of class to watch the students package birthday bags. The students love being able to hand the bags off because they are able to see and hear how gracious Nancy is.  Nancy commits so much time and energy to this organization, doing her best to make sure that every child is able to celebrate their birthday.

Whether Nancy is running a golf tournament or a book drive to raise money, she is constantly out in the community spreading awareness about Birthday Buddies to get people excited about a need that will not disappear anytime in the near future.  Our Brooklyn Center campus thoroughly enjoys working with Nancy every quarter!

Want to hear from Nancy and other community partners?  Sign up to attend MN Campus Compact’s Annual Summit!


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