Mara Brogan: Northeast Higher Education District’s Presidents’ Student Leadership Award Recipient

Mara Brogan

Mara currently serves as the elected Student Senate President at Vermilion Community College and has been instrumental in bringing that organization to unprecedented levels of student involvement. Mara is passionate about her student government role and is a natural leader.  She has grown into an activist for student issues both on campus and at the state level.  Mara has worked diligently with the student body on issues ranging from smoking cessation to voter education.  Mara’s organizing efforts and ability to lead students in positive directions resulted in one forth of our current student body registering to vote during this past fall’s political season.  Vermilion is very fortunate to have leadership within the student body that is unparalleled to any we have seen in recent history.

In addition to Student Senate President, Mara serves as a Resident Assistant at a college housing facility that is remotely located five mile from campus.  This position demands strong leadership skills. Mara is the only on-site RA for this college housing enterprise and is solely responsible for college rule enforcement, activity planning, and college guidance for underclassmen. Mara’s entire approach to college life assures her success and inspires her peers who admire her determination and her will to succeed.

Want to hear from Mara and other students doing excellent work in the community?  Sign up to attend MN Campus Compact’s Annual Summit!


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