Suit Yourself! Program Helps Students Dress for Success

“A walk-in closet” is how student leader Andrea Bodin describes the Suit Yourself program at Bemidji State University. Filled with suits and shoes and ties, the room has everything as student needs to look his or her best for a job interview.

The program is run by the staff at the Hobson Memorial Union. The students who help run the program collect gently used business attire and make it available for free for students. Students can come in and take what they need.

Students take an active leadership role in the Suit Yourself Program. Ms. Bodin, the Hobson Memorial Union Marketing assistant, promotes the program at the university career fair. She also creates bookmarks and other materials about the program. These materials aren’t only to get students to use the program. Instead, the success of the program means that much of Ms. Bodin’s marketing work focuses on promoting donations and keeping the shelves stocked with dress clothes for all students who need it. Even through keeping the shelves stocked is not always an easy task, Ms. Bodin says she enjoys working for the program because “it encourages people to donate to a good cause, and benefits college students who may not be able to afford to go buy new business attire.”

For more information on the Suit Yourself program, please see If you are interested in donating to the program, you can call 218-755-3760.


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