FeelGood World – ending hunger one grilled cheese at a time

By John Hamerlinck
FeelGood logo
FeelGood World is a great example of students engaged in social enterprise on college campuses.

With the help of FeelGood, college students run non-profit Delis on their campuses, specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. They develop practical business skills and “initiate substantive dialogue about the root causes of and solutions to poverty.” See a short video about how it works.

100% of the profits the students raise are invested in organizations with a proven track record of sustainably eradicating extreme global poverty and empowering self-reliance. There are currently delis on 27 college campuses across the country(none in MN!).

So far, FeelGood has invested over $850,000 in partner organizations dedicated to implementing “sustainable strategies for eradicating poverty and empowering self-reliance.” Visit www.feelgoodworld.org for more details.


3 responses to “FeelGood World – ending hunger one grilled cheese at a time

  1. John,

    Thank you for this post about FeelGood:) We have only grown through word of mouth, so thanks for the contribution.

    There may not be a chapter in MN, but there could be! We have one more fellowship spot available for an ambitious, young student leader: http://www.feelgoodworld.org/cheeseworld/feelgood-fellowship

    Thanks again!


  2. Pauline Byrne

    Congratulations, this is a magnificent idea. Love the goals and purpose. You are right, we need a global mindshift to get rid of our outdated way of being and thinking.

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