Jamie Notter is Right. Best Practices are Flawed.

By John Hamerlinck

I just read Get Me Jamie Notter’s, “Beapples and orangesst Practices are Flawed Because We Are Human”blog post. I wondered how many people in our field (one awash with “best practices” talk) might read this. Even if only a few more people do, it is worth passing along here.

I believe we are in the business of promoting creativity and innovation. When we set out to do this in the context of communities, we are automatically engaged in endeavors that happen in unique contexts. The reason people have so much trouble replicating the success of a “best practice” in campus-community partnerships is because it is impossible to replicate the personal relationships, history and culture of the place the “best practice” came from. We need to quit worrying so much about replication and start more conversations about how we might find the courage to create more collaborative, reciprocal partnerships.


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